On Holiday

Back around the end of June.


I Must be MAD!!!

I’ve signed up to do a sponsored sky dive for Tommy’s, the baby charity. It takes place on August 25th. I have never been so scared, nervous and excited in all my life.

I’m aiming to raise £1000 and I’m halfway there with one single sponsor thanks to the company that hubby works for!

I’ve tried to raise sponsor money from my blog before and it hasn’t worked, so I’m not going to post the link, if people want to sponsor me, they’ll let me know.

Wish me luck everyone!!

Quote of the Evening

Me – “How much have you had to drink?”

Him – “Two mugs of wine and half a bottle of beer!”

True story. Happened just now.

Kitchen Update

It may not look different to the last picture, but look closely……


Can you tell? Can you?

All of the electrics have been done, AND

I have a ceiling.

Kind of.

The plasterboard is up, the plastering gets done next weekend.

It’s a slow process, but the finished result will be worth it.


Does anyone else with a WordPress blog find they get loads of spam in their Askimet Basket?

Puppy Power!


Look how cute she is! She’s 10 weeks old today, and that picture was taken a few weeks ago. She has grown so much and is starting to lose her puppy fur and her adult coat is coming through!

We took her to a puppy party the other night. It’s basically a chance for puppies to get used to socialising with other dogs their own size and they play with each other. Frankie was a little minx, she pinned down an Alsatian puppy!!

It just so happened though that two of her cousins were there. The breeder we got her from had two litters, one a week younger than Frankie, and two people that were there on Tuesday had a puppy each from that younger litter. I think they all recognised each other, coz they were playing together the most. It was so sweet!

We’ll be able to take her out for walks soon. It’ll be great when we can do that. She doesn’t really have a middle ground. She’s either on, or she’s off. And sometimes, she goes into second gear where she runs round like a mad woman, just running round as fast as she can! She’s mastered the stairs now as well. At first, she could only go up and not down, but now she can do both.


She’s learnt a trick. If she’s in the garden and she’s found something to play with, which she knows she shouldn’t have, she’ll lie there, chewing on it whilst looking at you with a cheeky look, and as soon as you get close enough to take it off her, she runs off! And she LOVES my slippers and trainers. This morning, she went up to my trainers, picked one of them up and went to her bed. So I took it off her. So she got up and went and fetched the other one instead! I think it’s coz they are the right size for her to pick up, hubby’s are just a bit too big.

She’s so good though, and she is learning quite quickly. I can tell her to sit while she’s eating, and she’ll just stop eating and sit.

So yes, I’m settling into motherhood quite well.

Halfway There

I’m halfway there with my sponsorship. The aim is to raise £150 for Race for Life, so far, I’ve raised £74. Come on guys, I’ve got two months to raise the other half. It’s for a good cause. Click here to sponsor me. It really doesn’t have to be much, something is better than nothing.