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That’s what I’m living in. We’re in the process of emptying the kitchen so we can start ripping it out. Frankie has discovered she can get under the units! So the sooner they’re out the sooner she won’t be able to. I feel like we’ve turned a corner with her this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a cheeky minx! She’s going for her first trip to the vets tomorrow. She’s really grown in the last week! We’ve had loads of visitors, but they havent come to see us, they’ve come to see her.

Some little git stole my mobile phone on Saturday night from my pocket. I’m not too bothered about the phone to be honest, I’m insured and I get my new one tomorrow, it’s just the hassle of losing all my numbers and the sentimental value of the pictures that were on there. I just don’t understand why they’d bother. I mean, the first thing I did was get a bar put on it, so they couldn’t use it. And it’s not just the SIM that’s blocked, it’s the IMEI number, which means the phone is worthless!

It’s my three month review on Thursday. I’m quite nervous. positive thoughts are needed my way!!


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We had a new girl start yesterday, that means I’m not the new girl anymore! I’m taking her down to London tomorrow to show her the London office.

Been talking to hubby today about my job, and although I love it and I’m happy, I’m waiting until my pay review in July, if they don’t give me a decent raise, I’m leaving. By then, I will have been there six months and built up more experience, so I know I’ll be able to get another job. It might all be fine and they may well exceed my expectations. We’ll see.

Hubby got a pay rise today and I guess it just got me thinking. I’m really proud of him and how well he’s doing, but I guess I just feel that I don’t contribute enough.

So glad this week is a short week. Friday we will be clearing out the kitchen, ready for when we start fitting the new one, Friday night we are going out for my friends birthday, Saturday we are in London for the day and going on the London eye, and then on Sunday, we bring home our new addition. Be ready for an introduction on Sunday!

Five more sleeps to go!

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One Month Review

I had my one month review today. Even though I’ve only been there three and a bit weeks. I must say I was quite nervous, but I think that stems back to working for TWWOTW. You knew that whenever she wanted a chat is was to belittle you.

So yes, when my new boss (need to think of an ID for her) booked some time in with me to have a “catch up”, I was a little bit nervous.

I had no need to be. She said she’s really pleased, that I’m doing really well, she’s given me another project to look after and she said it doesn’t feel like I’ve only been there a few weeks, because I’ve settled in so well.

I really do love my new job. I’m just so happy there!

P.S. I am still going to answer the questions, but feel free to ask some more before I do.

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My New Job

So my first week at my new job is over. What can I tell you?

I have a fab boss. I have LOTS of colleagues. Not all trainers (the training team is v small) but loads in IT. There are 3 girls that used to be trainers, that have moved on to other jobs (which says there is room for progression).

I found out the creep guy who came on to me in December who told me he was divorced is actually still married and still a little embarrassed to talk to me.

I’ve made a new friend who was on my induction. We work on different teams, but we email each other and are “doing lunch” on Wednesday.

I have my very own desk, my own computer, my own phone with my own extension number, and I have my own stationery.  AND… I have a blackberry! All this is very exciting to me.  It might not seem like much, but at my old place, you sat where there was a free desk, and you had to provide your own stationery. We weren’t even allowed to print in a bid to save money. At this place I have my own stapler, hole punch and highlighters. As well as pens, pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners.

I need to get some photo’s printed off to put on my desk.

Don’t get me wrong, I have shit loads to learn.

But you know when something just feels right??

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A little over two months ago, I went to a leaving do for three of my colleagues. When hubby came to pick me up, I got in the car and cried because I wanted it to be my time to leave and I wanted it to be me who had a new job and I didn’t think that time would ever come.

Fast forward from then until last night. Same place, same reason. This time though, it’s MY leaving do. This time, I got in the car with a sense of relief that my time is nearly up.

Tomorrow is my last day of working with TWWOTW.

Monday is my first day at the new place, working for a manager who seems to be fantastic.

I have so many feelings at the moment. Sad to leave the nice people. Ecstatic to leave TWWOTW. Nervous about my new job. Excited about my new job. Worried about getting the train in everyday. Looking forward to being able to listen to my iPod and read my books on the journey.

Wish me luck everyone. Lord only knows that I’ll need it!!!

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I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here. I can’t believe how organised I am. All of the presents are wrapped and under the tree, apart from mine, but hubby is downstairs wrapping them now as we speak. I have five presents, hubby has about ten! Can you believe we got got the other almost exactly the same Christmas card?

This year is the first Christmas in our house, the first Christmas as a married couple, the first Christmas spent with my MBM and the first Christmas dinner I have ever cooked!!

We also got our customary bottle of wine from TWWOTW. It just goes to show how well she knows her staff. Every year, we get a bottle of red. I don’t drink red. She’s also being scarily nice, to everyone. We think it’s because she’s realised that she’s not doing something right because all her staff are leaving. Although, she’s convinced the only reason we’re leaving is because we’re all young and need to progress in our careers. The fact that one girl who left was nearly fifty, didn’t cross her mind.

Oh well, only ten more working days until I start my fantastic new job!!

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Wind Down

I have three weeks and three days (or just three weeks if you take Christmas and new year into account) left in my old job, and already I’m on total wind down.

I’m bored. There’s not much training going on, some of it I can do, some of it, I can’t, because it’s all to do with projects that happened while I was on my secondment. There’s no point in me learning that as I’m leaving soon, so I’m bored!

I went out with my new team on Friday night, in Birmingham. We had such a fantastic night and everybody was so nice. I am 110% sure I have made the right move. I can’t wait for the new year to come so that I can start my shiny new job.

So much has happened this year, it’s all been mad. Moving house, my brother’s wedding, my wedding, two secondments, hubby’s new job, my new job. I’m not really sure what we’re going to so with ourselves next year.

I guess that’s the beauty of it. You don’t know what lies ahead, and although sometimes you’d like to know, finding out is the fun bit!!

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