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On Holiday

Back around the end of June.


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Halfway There

I’m halfway there with my sponsorship. The aim is to raise £150 for Race for Life, so far, I’ve raised £74. Come on guys, I’ve got two months to raise the other half. It’s for a good cause. Click here to sponsor me. It really doesn’t have to be much, something is better than nothing.

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Alan Johnston banner

If you haven’t already done so, sign the petition to get Alan Johnston freed. Just click on the button!

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Race for Life

Once again, I have signed up to do Race for Life this year.

It’s the third one I’ve done. Cancer Research is a charity very close to my heart. My brother had cancer at 17. He was one of the fortunate ones who pulled through and made a full recovery. Just over a year ago, I lost a family friend to cancer, and just a few weeks ago, the father of a good friend of mine lost the fight for life, to cancer.

We all know someone, a friend, a family member, a friend of a friend, that has been touched by cancer. It’s something that we all know about.

It’s just a horrible disease and I will continue to do the Race for Life every year that I am able in the hope that what I raise can go towards finding a cure.

Please sponsor me. It doesn’t have to be much, don’t think that your contribution won’t make a difference, because it will. Pennies make pounds. You guys across the pond can sponsor me as it’s an online sponsor page.


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Snow was forecast yesterday. They said it would start falling at about 1am. I woke up about 2am and looked out the window. No snow. I went back to sleep. I woke up again about 4am, still no snow. I got up for work about 630am at this point not expecting any snow at all. I was wrong. There was about 3 inches of it.

If there’s one thing this country can’t cope with – it’s bad weather.  It’s been snowing all day today. It’s so pretty! Bloody freezing though!!

The train was jam packed this morning. Sardines in a tin. But coming home tonight, the station was eerily quiet. It was odd.  I had to cancel my nail appointment too 😦

In other news, hubby and I had a busy evening last Friday.  He came to meet me after work and met some of my colleagues for the very first time. That was nice. Then we darted back to my old hometown and had a romantic dinner for two as it was our two year anniversary of when we got together! Nicole will like the fact we got together on 02/02/05 (not necessarily for the 05 bit but the 02/02. Although if you add 02 and 02 you do get 5……)


We have a guy coming to do a quote for the kitchen tomorrow. I have been getting more and more depressed about our house and am pretty much ready to sell up and move somewhere new, but hopefully if we get the kitchen sorted, I won’t feel as much resentment towards our shitty house.  That I hate.

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We went out for MBM’s birthday tonight. We just went to this gorgeous Indian restaurant. I had two, yes TWO floating coffees. Really strong, really sweet coffee with cream on top.

It’s now gone half past midnight and I’m wide awake and quite hyper!!

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Those of you that read my old blog and have been with me since the early days, know that I have a tattoo on my lower back. It’s the celtic symbol for Hope.


The thing is with tattoos, you can never stop at just one. The time has come where I’m getting itchy feet and I want another one. Only thing is, I don’t know where and I don’t know what.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

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