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What Happened to Joss?

From this

To this

Can someone tell me what happened?


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I ended up not calling on my Ma and Pa yesterday. I decided to go into town and buy a few bits for hubby’s friend who’s due to have a baby later this month.

The car has got to go back in on 26th September, but we’ve managed to arrange it so neither of us have to have any time off work. I’m fed up of using days holiday for crappy domestic stuff. Something to do with the coolant tank and the sensor on the dash?

The strangest thing of the day was at around 5pm I had a call from my mother. I didn’t get to it in time so she left a voice-mail. It went something like this (only imagine it with an Italian accent): “Hi Serendipity. Have you been-a see-a the news-a this morning? Bye-a. Speak to you later.”

That was it, that was my voice-mail.

Obviously I called her back and asked what was going on. Next door but one to my mum and dads is a shop. Its empty at the moment, but a Kitchen and Bathroom place is due to open in a few weeks. Above the shop are two flats. At around 1.30am GMT, Thursday morning there was an explosion in the flat, and a huge fire. Thankfully no one was hurt. Apparently it was a guy with a petrol bomb and they’ve now arrested the subject, but my Dad was on Central News last night. My Daddy is famous!!

Bloody Central News spelt his surname wrong though.

I don’t know whats wrong with me recently. I’ve had a headache for days and it wont go away. I even wore my glasses today in the hope it would help, but it didn’t.

I’ve also bought hubby a pressie today. He doesn’t know yet, he’s still at work. It could go either way. He could be chuffed to bits and show his thanks in a number of fun ways (nudge nudge wink wink), OR he’ll tell me off for spending so much.

I’ll report after the weekend……….

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