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A Word to the Wise

Most of you probably know that before I got together with hubby, I was engaged to another guy. Shock Horror!!

I’ve not seen or spoken to him since. I have no wish to. I have no interest in what he does. He’s a part of my life that is in the past and that I don’t miss. Most people would understand that.

So imagine how I felt when a few weeks ago, a “friend” of mine saw some people that we both knew. I was fiends with both of them before I got together with my ex, but now they don’t speak to me – nothing like listening to both points of view. After she saw them, she was telling me all about my ex. About the fact he now has a son and that he’s lost his sight (he was blind in one eye anyway). That made me feel weird because I wasn’t sure how I should have felt. Yes it’s a shame, but I don’t feel sorry for him. I don’t want to contact him and send him my sympathies. If it wasn’t for her sticking her oar in, I wouldn’t have even known.

I told her at that point that I didn’t really care what he was doing with his life. Then yesterday, I got this email from her:

“Went to a party at Jane’s* mums on Sunday evening which was nice, got to meet quite a few people I’d not met before and got to see a few I hadn’t seen in a long time. Saw Joe* there too, met his wife and baby….he is gaining some sight back too apparently which is good news for him. His son is gorgeous, so cute and his wife is really pretty, just not what I was expecting at all”

Am I the only one who thinks that is totally out of order, inappropriate and insensitive? My response to her was this:

“Yeah funny, she looks exactly like her sister (she and her sister are identical twins and the other twin is married to his brother – weird). To be honest, I’m not really interested in anything to do with him. He’s a part of my life that’s in the past and that I don’t miss. I don’t want to know what he’s doing and I don’t want him and his family to know what I’m doing coz it’s none of their business. So as long as he and they weren’t asking, all is well with the world.”

Her reply:

“She doesn’t now; her sister has filled out a bit so they do look a little different. No, they didn’t mention you, I don’t suppose they would make the connection anyway, Joe* possibly would but he didn’t seem to register it. “

So even after I’ve told her I don’t care, she tells me that the twins don’t look like each other anyway. I just told her again that I didn’t care and she dropped it.

What she seems to forget is that if she is talking about people behind their backs, they are most likely talking about her behind hers. If I ever find out she has been talking about me, and stuff about what I’m doing, where I’m doing it, and who I’m doing it with gets out to my ex, well that’s it, I’ll never have anything to do with her again.

She wants to be careful, otherwise the truth about what really happened to the baby she “miscarried” might find its way out.


*Names have been changed to protect the identities of those that don’t really deserve it


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Why I Hate Spoilt Brats

Every week, when I have my singing lesson, there is the same girl (we’ll call her J) who has the slot before me. She is 17 years old and thinks the world revolves around her. She is arrogant, inconsiderate and spoilt. In my opinion there is nothing worse than a spoilt teenager. In my opinion, there is never a need for a spoilt teenager.  

I always arrive for 9pm, when my lesson should start, and I make sure I don’t walk through the door until then because I don’t want to eat into her time. Whenever I walk in, she is always still talking to the teacher and shows no sign of wrapping things up when I get there. She eats into my time, she costs me money! Last night, she was in the middle of a conversation when I arrived and started on a brand new subject while I was just stood there patiently waiting. In the end the teacher had to say “J, can we talk about this next week?” she was a bit put out, but gathered her stuff together and left. I’ve decided that next time I’m going to say something. “J, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m paying for this time now. ME. Not my dad, ME. So can you discuss it when I’m not paying for it”?  

Apparently, and this is what the teacher told me, she gets stroppy with him and has even been known to shout and him and throw things at him. Who teaches their child that this is acceptable behaviour? I would never dream of walking into someone else’s house and treating them like that and I would die if I knew my kids were doing that.  I suppose, I shouldn’t really be surprised. This is the girl who had a 28inch plasma TV for Christmas. It’s also the girl who wanted an extra singing lesson one week and told her dad he had to take her. When he told her, that actually, he had a really important business meeting that day so couldn’t take her, she told him he had to cancel it, so he did. The very same girl who expects the singing teacher to rearrange his life at the drop of a hat if she gets an audition and Mummy or Daddy can’t take her.  

I hate kids who have everything handed to them on a plate. “Daddy, buy me a car”. “Daddy, I want a plasma TV”. “Daddy, buy me a pony”. When will kids then ever learn to stand on their own two feet? It’s all well and good to put the entire blame on the kids, but the only reason they’re like that is because the parents let them behave in such a way.

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She Never Fails to Amaze me….

Today was my first day back at base, lucky me!!

WWOTW wasn’t in as she was in a meeting somewhere, but she still manages to push my buttons. I came home in a foul mood. As I presume I will do for the next four and a half weeks. Lucky for hubby it isn’t for long and Christmas is in between.

To cut a long story short, she found out last week that I’d been for an interview and stood a good chance of getting the job because a my new company phoned the office and asked to speak to my line manager (who is lovely) for a reference. However, the big boss took the call and spoke to them and found out that way. Not ideal, but she should’ve said straight away that they were talking to the wrong person.

She gave my line manager a right b*llocking for not telling her that I’d gone for it, and my line manager said that it wasn’t certain I’d got the job (even though it was) just to get her off her case and to buy me a bit more time.

As soon as she found out, she got on to HER boss to tell him I might be leaving. And not only that, she told another one of my colleagues that I might be too. So totally unprofessional.  Had I not got the job and she told her boss that I might be leaving, that would have put me in such an awkward situation. I’m so angry with her it’s untrue.

I’ve asked for an exit interview. I swear, if I wasn’t leaving, I’d be going through the grievance procedure right about now….

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Selfish, Ignorant Cow

For those of you that read my old blog, you may remember I had a so called “friend” named “Sarah”.

One again she doens’t fail to amaze me in her ignorance.

She is currently on holiday in Ibiza. I have seen her twice this year because she keeps backing out of stuff for pathetic excuses. She didn’t come on my hen night because she had a sore throat, and let me know over text message. She hasn’t seen me since I’ve come back from my destination wedding over 3 months ago. She organises things, she cancels them and lets me know over a text each and every time.

Bear in mind that me and the hubby have done a lot for her. And I mean a LOT. We helped her move house, we took her in at 4am when she had a run in with the ex. Hubby has looked after her child while she’s been out with me shopping or whatever.

Yet this morning, I check my emails and I have one from her in Ibiza. It was sent to both me and my best friend. And she addreses it “Hi Both”.

What I want to know is why the hell my husband wasn’t included in that greeting. I am so annoyed at that. We’ve both done a lot for her, yet she can’t even acknowledge him.

I can’t believe that I was ever stupid enough to class this person as a friend.

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If Only I Could Hibernate….

…..and wake up when Winter is over and everything is sorted.

Currently with work, I’m on a secondment. Basically, although my contract is with one NHS trust, I’ve been loaned out to another. It was only supposed to be for 3 months, so I was supposed to go back to my normal place of work at the end of October. However, I liked the secondment and my secondment likes me so they asked if I’d like to stay. Obviously they’d have to check with my boss first, but it shouldn’t be a problem because when she came with me to meet them all, she gave the impression that if they needed to keep me longer, she wouldn’t be opposed to that. However, she called me today to tell me that they’ve asked to keep me longer and she’s “had to say no because it’s time I was brought back into the pack.”

Bollocks.  It almost sounds like she cares.

Now I’m left in limbo. I don’t know whats happening. I don’t know if I’m staying or going as the secondment people are going to do their best to keep me, but nothing is definite.

I’m also annoyed about the fact that somebody, and I don’t know who, but somebody has given my address out without my permission, and I now have people that I used to know years ago, while I was still part of my mum and dads religion, knocking on my door and I am refusing to answer. I am annoyed at this invasion of my privacy.

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So, once again, I’ve upped and moved. I couldn’t be bothered to set up another blogger account, the whole beta thing is driving me nuts. Hence why I thought I’d give wordpress a try. So far, I’m actually quite impressed.

Why did I move? Well…..

In hindsight, I probably didn’t need to, but I couldn’t be sure, I couldn’t take that risk.

I let slip to my boss and colleague that I had a blog. They started pressuring me into telling them where it was. I kept refusing. The boss stopped hassling me, but the colleague didn’t. He pestered and pestered and pestered. After about a week I give in, just to shut him up, asking him, and trusting him not to, tell the boss. He promised he wouldn’t. On the day that I had the day off to wait in for the sofa, he blabbed.

I know what the boss is like. I know he likes to have a laugh, as we all do, but I also know he has a tendency to take the piss. And take the piss he did.

I had the piss taken because I dont use real names. So whenever he spoke about my husband, he’d refer to him in the blog name.

I had the piss taken out of me because I’ve made a friend on the blog. Someone I talk to about everyday stuff.

I had the piss taken out of me because I had a La Senza bag as my profile picture.

I had the piss taken out of me because I put a picture of my bedroom curtains up.

I had the piss taken out of me because I put a picture of my vandalised car up.

I was moaned at because in one of my Thursday Thirteens, after I’d been in Dudley 4 days and not met everybody yet, that I put “they all seem really nice so far”.

My blog is my place to rant. I did get quite upset about it. Probably more upset than I should have done, because other stuff was going on at the same time. But stuff I couldn’t blog about for fear of the piss being taken out of me.

I told my colleague how upset I was, and he must have had a word with the boss because since then, I’ve not had one comment. But that might have been down to me. The boss said something about my blog after work when we were walking back to the car, so I said “look, it’s my blog, I’ll write what I f**king want. If you don’t like it, don’t f**king read it”. He was off work the next day, I was off work the day after. Then it was the weekend. My guess is that my colleauge had a word on the Friday when I wasn’t there. On the Monday he was very quiet with me. He’s fine now, let’s just hope he’s got the message.

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