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Does anyone else with a WordPress blog find they get loads of spam in their Askimet Basket?


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I Have a Question…..

Valentines day is approaching, and without a doubt, loved up women everywhere, trying to impress will be buying sexy new underwear to impress her man.

What I want to know, is if us women go to all the effort of buying sexy new underwear and dress up for our men, what do our men do to impress us?

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One of Life’s Mysteries #2

How is it that I went to bed last night with no bruises, but this morning, I wake up with a small, but very definite and painful bruise on my right ankle??

Any suggestions?

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One of Lifes Mysteries

Why is it that I buy shampoo and conditioner at the same time, the same size and I use the same amount of each everyday, so why then does the conditioner always finish first???

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