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So, I’ve had a sudden outbreak of spots just before Christmas. Any ideas of how I can get rid, and fast? I have a Christmas party to go to in less than 48 hours!!!


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So, Rhyl.

I don’t really know where to star or how much you’ll be interested to know.

We got there and pretty much got ready straight away

Girls with attitude

We then went to the bar while we were waiting for our taxi

In the bar

We got into town and realised the people of Rhyl had no dress sense

Red DressRed Dress

But I think we looked OK


If a little mashed


So that was Friday pretty much. There was much alcohol, a fight (not involving us) which resulted in me being drenched in beer and covered in broken glass, lots of sleazy men who didn’t understand no and a drunken idea of what we should do to raise money for Children in Need which now, I am the only one still up for it.

Will post pics of Saturday soon.

Check back………

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Girlie Weekend

Tomorrow, straight after work, I’m going to Rhyl, in North Wales for a girlie weekend with the girls I’m working with at the secondment. There are five of us going. Two of us are married, one of us is living with someone and two of us are single. A nice mixture.

It should be a good weekend. We come back Sunday lunchtime. I am looking forward to it, just for a break, but it’s going to be weird being there without my husband.

Since we’ve been together (it’ll be two years in Feb), we’ve never had a single weekend apart. We didn’t live together for the first six months of our relationship, but we still spent every weekend together. And since we’ve lived together, we haven’t spent a night apart.

What if he decides he prefers being without me??

It’ll be fine, I’m sure it will, but I have to admit that I’m going to miss him. It’s just gonna be a bit weird is all.

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