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Freak or Chic? #3

Asking one of your employees to go out at lunchtime to buy your knickers for you, and to make sure she buys you the right ones, you hoick up your skirt to show her the ones you have on?


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Freak or Chic? #2

Marrying your brother’s wife’s identical twin sister? So a guy, has a brother. This brother is married. The brothers wife has an identical twin sister, and the guy marries her.

A little to close for comfort, or perfectly normal?

Comments with your opinions please…..

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Freak or Chic?

Last weekend, MBM came to stay. I was wearing some toe socks, which to be honest, I think are fab.

MBM, however, disagrees. In fact, I might even go as far as to say he had a phobia of them.

So, ladies and gentleman, I put this to you:

Toe socks = Freak or Chic?*

*Freak or Chic? originally comes from Shipcreak but seeing as we’re married and all that, I have his permission to borrow the idea. You can see more Freak or Chic? here, here and here

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