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I Don’t Get it

I know I got married relatively young, I was 25 (well 3 days away from it anyway), so maybe I don’t have the right to air my views on this. But why do people get married so young? Why?

I know of people that are 19 or 20 and planning their weddings. If I look back to myself when I was that age and compare it to me now, I’ve changed an awful lot, and the guy I was with then, well, I certainly couldn’t see myself being married to him now.

Are you capable of knowing what love really is when you’re that young and haven’t experienced anything? You haven’t gotten to know any other guys, you haven’t seen the world, you haven’t even got a full time job. How then can you give everything you’ve got into being married?

Specifically, these people I’m talking about are in a religion. A religion that discourages long relationships and encourages young marriage as sex before marriage is a no no. But by the same accounts, this religion also hates divorce. So you get pressured into a young marriage, but if you do realise it was a mistake, well, there’s not a fat lot you can do about it. I left that religion a while ago and actually took it upon myself to make my own decisions about my life and I have ended up getting almost everything I ever wanted. And I haven’t dropped down dead.

And although I was young(ish), I went out with more than one lad, I went on holidays with my mates, I got myself a good job and was earning a decent wage. Getting married wasn’t something I needed to do, it was something I wanted to do. To me, it was more than just about a big dress and pretty flowers. I wanted a marriage, not a wedding.

Do I make sense?


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