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Wedding Stuff

Ok, so Nicole tagged me, and now I have to tell you all about my wedding!!

Where/how did you meet? At a party. I was at college with his dad and one of the girls had a Christmas party, hubby’s dad brought hubby as his taxi.

How long have you known each other? Two and a quarter years

How long after you met did you start dating? Six weeks or so

How long did you date before you were engaged? Four months

How long was your engagement? A year and eleven days

How long have you been married? Nine months

What is your anniversary? Wedding~ 26/6/06, Together~02/02/05

How many people came to your wedding reception? Seven

What kind of cake did you serve? A creamy spongy one

Where was your wedding? In the Dominican Republic

What did you serve for your meal? We had our reception in the Italian restaurant of the hotel so everyone could choose what they wanted

How many people were in your wedding party? Just one bridesmaid

Are you still friends with them all? Yup, she is hubby’s little sister

Did your spouse cry during the ceremony? No neither of us did!!

Most special moment of your wedding day? When we saw each other for the first time at the “altar”

Any funny moments? Not especially, although, I did have trouble getting his wedding ring on his finger

Any big disasters? Nope, none at all. Totally stress free. We did think it was going to start thundering though!

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Well, we got married abroad, so it was all in one!

How long were you gone? Two weeks in total

If you were to do your wedding over, what would you change? Absolutely nothing

What side of the bed do you sleep on? Left

What size is your bed? King

Greatest strength as a couple? Being able to laugh at/with each other

Greatest challenge as a couple? Prioritising each other

Who literally pays the bills? We both look after different ones

What is your song? We don’t really have one

What did you dance your first dance to? We didn’t. Hubby’s not one for dancing

Describe your wedding dress: RED!!182718652_443eb49056.jpg

What kind of flowers did you have at your wedding? I had red and white roses, bridesmaid had white lillies

Are your wedding bands engraved? No.

How old were you when you got married? Hubby was 25, I was 3 days away from being 25!!

There are more pics HERE



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Nine more sleeps to go…..

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Why I Hate Spoilt Brats

Every week, when I have my singing lesson, there is the same girl (we’ll call her J) who has the slot before me. She is 17 years old and thinks the world revolves around her. She is arrogant, inconsiderate and spoilt. In my opinion there is nothing worse than a spoilt teenager. In my opinion, there is never a need for a spoilt teenager.  

I always arrive for 9pm, when my lesson should start, and I make sure I don’t walk through the door until then because I don’t want to eat into her time. Whenever I walk in, she is always still talking to the teacher and shows no sign of wrapping things up when I get there. She eats into my time, she costs me money! Last night, she was in the middle of a conversation when I arrived and started on a brand new subject while I was just stood there patiently waiting. In the end the teacher had to say “J, can we talk about this next week?” she was a bit put out, but gathered her stuff together and left. I’ve decided that next time I’m going to say something. “J, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m paying for this time now. ME. Not my dad, ME. So can you discuss it when I’m not paying for it”?  

Apparently, and this is what the teacher told me, she gets stroppy with him and has even been known to shout and him and throw things at him. Who teaches their child that this is acceptable behaviour? I would never dream of walking into someone else’s house and treating them like that and I would die if I knew my kids were doing that.  I suppose, I shouldn’t really be surprised. This is the girl who had a 28inch plasma TV for Christmas. It’s also the girl who wanted an extra singing lesson one week and told her dad he had to take her. When he told her, that actually, he had a really important business meeting that day so couldn’t take her, she told him he had to cancel it, so he did. The very same girl who expects the singing teacher to rearrange his life at the drop of a hat if she gets an audition and Mummy or Daddy can’t take her.  

I hate kids who have everything handed to them on a plate. “Daddy, buy me a car”. “Daddy, I want a plasma TV”. “Daddy, buy me a pony”. When will kids then ever learn to stand on their own two feet? It’s all well and good to put the entire blame on the kids, but the only reason they’re like that is because the parents let them behave in such a way.

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I’m Back

I know, I’ve been rubbish, but things have been mad busy. Busy, but good. Busy, but I haven’t really got a lot to show for it. There’s been loads going on at work the last few weeks, one of my colleagues has been off after having a knee op, so I’ve had loads to do. It’s good though, because I’m proving my worth and I have my 3 month review coming up soon, so anything that makes me look good is a bonus.

We are going to Liverpool tomorrow to go to the Beatles museum and then do a bit of shopping.

Last night was good, I got to speak to Andie in Texas,we were on the phone for half an hour and it only cost me 50p coz I was using Skype. It was good to catch up coz we’d not chatted in ages! I got to tell her all about our new arrival that joins us on Easter Sunday!

I’m so excited!

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New Arrival – Part Deux

Frankie will be joining us on April 8th.

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New Arrival

There is soon to be a new arrival in the Serendipity household. We are both very happy and I will fill you in soon!

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Well – We’ve done it. We’ve bought a kitchen. We don’t have it yet, but it gets delivered on April 12th. Hubby and his dad are fitting it, we’re just getting someone in to do the plastering and we need someone to fit the worktop.

It’s really scary. I want a new kitchen so much, but I just hope it looks as nice as it does in my head.

It’s hubby’s birthday next Saturday. We’re going to the Outdoors Show at the NEC, managed to get free tickets too! Bonus. I gave him one of his presents yesterday, a shirt and a t-shirt from GAP. I’ve got him some other little bits that I know he’ll like, but I’m getting him a pair of Merrells and some t-shirts from Think Geek but I’ve told him he needs to choose those. I gave him the stuff yesterday coz we’re going out tonight and I figured he might want to wear them.

Anyway, we’re off tile shopping now. Have a good weekend!

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