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Bitter Sweet Blues

So, hubby has a new job. I’m chuffed to pieces.

I don’t have a new job. That makes me blue.

I went to a works leaving do tonight. Three people where I work at my base (even though I haven’t worked there since April) have left in quick succession, so tonight was the meal and the formal goodbyes. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who’s left deserves to move on to bigger and better things, I just wish I was one of them.

Hubby played taxi for me tonight, and when he picked me up, I got in the car and I cried. It just felt odd. I haven’t been part of that team now since April. The only people (with exception for one or two) have now left. I just didn’t feel like I belonged. But I don’t belong at my secondment place either. The only option for me is to get a new job and a new start. But no one wants to employ a trainer who’s only worked in the NHS, regardless of the fact that I have a qualification and can learn new things quickly to then pass on and train to other people. None of that matters.

I’d love to go back into dental nursing, I loved the job (for a dental story, pop over to Zuzula) and I was bloody good at it. Unfortunately, the pay is shit. So do I go for a job that I love and that I’m good at and get paid no money for it or go for a job that I’m good at, but at the moment don’t really enjoy that much, although that could just be because it’s the NHS.I just can’t win.So I’m feeling really dejected and a bit crap about myself.


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SmilerThis post is dedicated to my hubby.

I would like you all to offer him a HUGE congratulations on getting a new job!!

I’d also like to say a big thank you to MBM for telling him about the job in the first place.

You see that picture just up there, on the left? That’s the grin I’ve had on my face today. I’m so pleased for him as I know how unhappy he’s been at work recently.

It’s going to pay more, so he’ll actually get the salary he deserves, he can work from home, he’ll get a top spec laptop, a mobile phone, and our broadband connection paid for.

Well done, babe!! I’m really proud of you!

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Back in March, I had an operation called a laparoscopy. To cut a long story short, as I know that some of you know this already, I’d been having really bad stomach pains and nobody knew why. So they performed the laparoscopy on me.

They discovered that I had endometriosis (click here to see a picture – don’t click if you get queasy) and removed what they found there and then by thermo-coagulating (burning off) the bits that they found. In some cases, endometriosis can affect fertility. (the picture isn’t of MY endometriosis BTW)

I was supposed to have an appointment 6 weeks after the op, but they had to cancel that one, and I had to cancel the other because it was while we were away, so my appointment wasn’t until yesterday. The woman I saw was lovely. She even showed me the picture of inside me, so I could see my ovaries and my fallopian tubes.

All in all it was good news. It’s all gone, there’s no scarring. There’s little chance of it coming back because I’m on the pill, and the best bit is it WON’T affect my fertility. I can still have kids.

It was such a relief to hear those words.

We’ve decided that we’d like kids in about two years time, so we’re going to start trying at the end of next year. It seems like ages away, but at the same time, I just know it’s going to fly by!

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Search Engines

One thing I love about WordPress is that there is a built in stat counter. This stat counter tells me what people have typed into a search engine to have come across my blog.

Here are some of the best ones:

Sweet things to do for my husbandThat’s nice, but surely, he’s your husband and you’d have some idea of what he’d think was sweet, no?

Sweet things to do for a guySounds like someone is trying to get laid

Sweet things a girl could do Is anyone thinking that these are the same person?

My boss likes me best tshirtModest aren’t we?

My glasses today – Have you lost them? Maybe that was my mum, she is ALWAYS losing her glasses!

The best couples have similar interst – Sounds to me that someone is looking for an excuse to dump the girl/boyfriend. And they can’t spell!

Rhyl – Trust me, although us girls had a fab weekend, I probably wouldn’t go there again! Go somewhere else instead.

Italian accent sweet – Well, yeah, I guess it is

And my personal favourite

Davina McCall naked – I love Davina. In fact, when I become famous, I’m sure she’ll become my best friend. However, I don’t want to see a picture of her naked, and I don’t ever intend to post a picture of this. I’m sure my pal Davina wouldn’t ever pose naked anyway. So get off’ve my blog. I think the one you were looking for is http://www.swedishlesbiansinblackcurrantjam.cum

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One of Life’s Mysteries #2

How is it that I went to bed last night with no bruises, but this morning, I wake up with a small, but very definite and painful bruise on my right ankle??

Any suggestions?

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Electric Dreams

On Friday morning we had a power-cut. That’s not totally out of the ordinary, I know. People get power cuts all the time. The central heating (although is powered by gas, is programmed by electricity, so no electric, no central heating) had not come on so the house was cold, the clocks had stopped (but thankfully I use the alarm on my mobile phone), all in all, general things that happen when you have a power-cut.

Hubby was off sick on Friday and therefore didn’t go have a shower until lunchtime, which would have given plenty of time for the water to heat up. However the shower was cold and pathetic. I got home from work, and the lights were dimmer than usual. We had no streetlights outside either.

The same thing happened yesterday. Dim lights. Crap shower. No streetlights.

This morning I made some toast under the grill, which is electric, and it took twice as long as it normally does. My shower was cold.

So hubby rang up our electricity supplier who said “Yes there is a problem” (No shit, Sherlock) “We are looking into it, however in the mean time turn off your fridge. Don’t use anything with a motor (washing machine, hairdryer, bathroom light that automatically switches on a fan, central heating, computer – thank god we have a laptop – dvd player), and call us back in a few hours for an update.”

So I am sat in the living room with wet hair, a pile of washing that needs to be done, I’m freezing cold and all of my stuff in the freezer is going to defrost.

I think I’m going to move back in with my parents!

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Think Geek

I’ve got to say how impressed I am with this company!

I ordered some stuff from them on Wednesday morning, and it arrived today, all the way from the US of A. I’m so impressed!

I have also decided what to get MBM, just need to decide what hubby is getting him now.  Not my problem though!!

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