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One of Lifes Mysteries

Why is it that I buy shampoo and conditioner at the same time, the same size and I use the same amount of each everyday, so why then does the conditioner always finish first???


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What a FAB 24 Hours!!

What can I say?

The last 24 hours have been brilliant.

Went to a gig last night in Wolverhampton. I’d never been to a gig before. I’ve been to concerts, but never an actual gig. Granted, me, hubby and best mate were probably the oldest people there that weren’t chauffeuring our offspring, we all had relatively normal hair and weren’t dressed like punk rockers, but it was still ace.

We went to see a band called OK Go. They weren’t the main band, they were one of the support groups, but it was still them we wanted to see. We didn’t really know much about them apart from the fact they were from Chicago and had a mad video on treadmills.

They were absolutely brilliant. I want to go and see them again. I’ve been on play.com tonight and ordered both of their albums. I even bought a t-shirt last night!

I’ve also booked for us to go to another gig in November of a guy that used to be in Squeeze. Best mate has been to see him a few times and has said that he’s well worth it.

I’m going to become one of the cool kids and start going to gigs!

Today we’ve been to Alton Towers. The sun was shining and we only had to queue for 2 rides. And it was free because best mate got us some tickets from work. We came home and ordered a curry and now hubby has really bad wind and it stinks!

Tomorrow’s Friday, it’s nearly the weekend. Woohoo!!

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Rumour has it……

…that the reason my boss won’t let me stay at my secondment is that she’s heard that I’m enjoying it and getting on really well over there. What a cow!! I wouldn’t put it past her though!!

Am currently waiting for hubby and best friend to get home so that we can go to our gig tonight! Hubby might be a while though as I’ve sent him on an errand to the supermarket. I hate the supermarket.

Tomorrow is reserved for Alton Towers. Can’t wait, just hope the weather stays dry.

It might just be me imagining it, but I think I’ve lost readers since I’ve been here. 😦

Is my blog that bad??

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If Only I Could Hibernate….

…..and wake up when Winter is over and everything is sorted.

Currently with work, I’m on a secondment. Basically, although my contract is with one NHS trust, I’ve been loaned out to another. It was only supposed to be for 3 months, so I was supposed to go back to my normal place of work at the end of October. However, I liked the secondment and my secondment likes me so they asked if I’d like to stay. Obviously they’d have to check with my boss first, but it shouldn’t be a problem because when she came with me to meet them all, she gave the impression that if they needed to keep me longer, she wouldn’t be opposed to that. However, she called me today to tell me that they’ve asked to keep me longer and she’s “had to say no because it’s time I was brought back into the pack.”

Bollocks.  It almost sounds like she cares.

Now I’m left in limbo. I don’t know whats happening. I don’t know if I’m staying or going as the secondment people are going to do their best to keep me, but nothing is definite.

I’m also annoyed about the fact that somebody, and I don’t know who, but somebody has given my address out without my permission, and I now have people that I used to know years ago, while I was still part of my mum and dads religion, knocking on my door and I am refusing to answer. I am annoyed at this invasion of my privacy.

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I ended up not calling on my Ma and Pa yesterday. I decided to go into town and buy a few bits for hubby’s friend who’s due to have a baby later this month.

The car has got to go back in on 26th September, but we’ve managed to arrange it so neither of us have to have any time off work. I’m fed up of using days holiday for crappy domestic stuff. Something to do with the coolant tank and the sensor on the dash?

The strangest thing of the day was at around 5pm I had a call from my mother. I didn’t get to it in time so she left a voice-mail. It went something like this (only imagine it with an Italian accent): “Hi Serendipity. Have you been-a see-a the news-a this morning? Bye-a. Speak to you later.”

That was it, that was my voice-mail.

Obviously I called her back and asked what was going on. Next door but one to my mum and dads is a shop. Its empty at the moment, but a Kitchen and Bathroom place is due to open in a few weeks. Above the shop are two flats. At around 1.30am GMT, Thursday morning there was an explosion in the flat, and a huge fire. Thankfully no one was hurt. Apparently it was a guy with a petrol bomb and they’ve now arrested the subject, but my Dad was on Central News last night. My Daddy is famous!!

Bloody Central News spelt his surname wrong though.

I don’t know whats wrong with me recently. I’ve had a headache for days and it wont go away. I even wore my glasses today in the hope it would help, but it didn’t.

I’ve also bought hubby a pressie today. He doesn’t know yet, he’s still at work. It could go either way. He could be chuffed to bits and show his thanks in a number of fun ways (nudge nudge wink wink), OR he’ll tell me off for spending so much.

I’ll report after the weekend……….

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Just as things were looking up…

They come crashing back down.

The hubby and I have had a run of bad luck recently. Life insurance not being sorted out. Banks messing up my card. Car’s being vandalised. Troubles with the neighbours daughters.

Things were on the up.

I got my new bank card, issues with the neighbour were sorted, badges for the cars had been ordered.

It was only a matter of time.

Last night, we were at my parents house. The hubby and I needed to pop to the local supermarket, my mum decided to come with us. Hubby started the engine and the warning light came on telling us to stop. Apparently there was a problem with the coolant. We tentatively drove it to the supermarket and it seemed OK. We even more tentatively drove it home on the Motorway.

I’ve taken today off work. I have to take it to the garage later. They’ll need it for a few hours. The garage is 14 miles away from here, on the motorway. I will have my breakdown recovery card at the ready.

It also means I’m going to have to call my dad and ask him to pick me up, as the garage is in their town. I don’t want to do this for two reasons:

  1. I hate having to ask them for favours
  2. My parents are hard work and I only saw them yesterday. I’m not sure my mentality can cope with seeing them again so soon without hubby being there.

Anyone wanna trade lives?

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Out Of Action

I am no longer posting on this blog. My new blog is set up and on the go.

For the address, leave me a comment here and I’ll come visit you, or email me at serendipitystars@googlemail.com

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