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New Beginnings

Thank you to those that have left comments and emailed me. I will contact you individually when my new blog is all set up and ready to go. I’m in the process of copying all my old stuff over, and Tom is going to work on designing me a new template.

For me, I think some of my best penmanship has been on this blog, and I don’t want to lose that. Unfortunately, I am going to lose the comments, but I’ve seen myself grow, and I don’t want that to be taken away from me.

I don’t want to move blogs. I like my blog name, I like my ID, I like my readers, I like being Sweet Serendipity. It was supposed to be my safe zone, but down to one second of stupidity on my part, I lost it all. I now have to go from something I love, to something that is only OK.

I don’t trust people very easily. In fact, I can count on one hand the people I completely trust. Tom and Jack are the two people I would trust with my life, but even Jack doesn’t know about this blog. That’s how personal Sweet Serendipity was to me.

I’ve tried hard to keep the identities of myself, my husband and my best friend, anonymous, as do many fellow bloggers, but even that is amusing to some people. My name isn’t Serendipity, my husbands name isn’t Tom and my best friends name isn’t Jack, but so what?

The things that go on this blog are about my life. They define me as a person. To ridicule what goes on here is to ridicule me. To some people, it might seem acceptable to make fun of what I write, but to me, its offensive.

Maybe I’ve over-reacted and maybe I don’t need to move blogs at all. But for me, I need to know that I’m not judged by the things that I put on here.

So although I’m sad about the move, I’m looking forward to the things it will bring.


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My Blog, My Way

I hate to do this again. I’ve done it before and I didn’t want to do it again, but I’m having to up sticks and move to somewhere better.

I won’t be posting my new link here, but I’d love for you guys to come visit. Email me at serendipitystars@googlemail.com to find out where I’ve gone.

I’ll be here until September 11th 2006 to do my tribute to Dennis M Carey

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Once again I am annoyed at the incompetency of so called “professionals”. Once again, I find myself helpless and dependant upon other people. Other people who can’t/won’t do anything for me and quite frankly don’t give a shit as long as it isn’t them that’s inconvenienced. .

Farking incompetent people.

I went into the bank on Saturday armed with my marriage certificate to change my name.

“I’ll get that done for you Mrs B. You’re current card will stay active until you’re new one comes through. I’ll get a new cheque book and credit card ordered for you too. I can’t order it until Tuesday because of the bank holiday, but I’ll put a note in my diary so that I make sure I do it.”

“Great, thank you very much”

So why then, do I get a phone call today telling me that my card has been cancelled. Somebody else went into that lady’s diary today and instead of ordering me a new card because I’d changed my name, she went ahead and ordered my card as my previous one being lost. Therefore being cancelled. Therefore leaving me with no way of accessing any money until my new card comes through. Which I have been quoted as 7-10 days, although it USUALLY doesn’t take that long. No guarantees though.

They volunteered to transfer money into Tom’s account for me. They said I could go into the branch with ID and they’d take some cash out of my account for me. But after having my bag stolen a few years back, I don’t like carrying much cash on me.

So it’s their mistake, yet I’m the one that’s got to deal with the inconvenience of it all. Fair to say, we won’t be setting up our joint account with them.

I feel violated.

I can’t use my bank account because I have no card.

I can’t park my car in my designated parking area for fear of it being vandalised.

I can’t have a day at home with my husband without being called a skiver by my father

And I can’t write what I want to on my blog because of people taking the piss out of me.

When did it all get so hard?

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This is one of the songs I recently recorded in my studio session. See what you think!

powered by ODEO

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Big Brother

I know big brother is over now, but this clip of Nicki was just hilarious. I think they should put her down and put her out of of her misery

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My Space

I’ve succumbed and gotten myself one of these my space accounts.

Can you tell I’ve had the day off and am feeling a tad bored today??

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New Sofa

My freshly delivered new sofa. Isn’t he gorgeous??

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