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School’s Out For The Summer

I am officially on holiday.

I left work early today.

I am really nervous.

Sarah hasn’t said whether she’s coming tomorrow or not, so I’m not going to chase her, I’ll just confirm numbers with her not in it. She knew I needed to confirm today.

This will be my last blog post as a single woman.

We’re back in the country on July 5th 2006.

Wish me luck!


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The Wedding Looms

The Internet is a weird and wonderful thing. It opens up a whole new world. A world that you may never have come across if you hadn’t ever used it.

I was having a major stress yesterday. I wanted to order some stuff for Tom, and nowhere had it in stock. Plus we had some window cleaners come to our house and they trampled over my garden. My FIRST EVER attempt at any kind of gardening. I was so upset. It was enough to tip me over the edge. There have been tears the last two days because I’m so nervous, but none today thank goodness. But the first person I talked to about it was someone I’ve never met, but I am proud to call a good friend. A friend I wouldn’t have made if it weren’t for the blogosphere. She’s been great. I just wished she lived this side of the pond!

I invited Sarah to my hen night. I wasn’t going to, but I thought I’d offer an olive branch. At first she said yes. Now she’s not sure. I wish I hadn’t bothered. She’s not coming to my wedding and now she might not even be at my hen night yet she has the audacity to call herself my friend. You know what though? I’m not even that bothered that she won’t be there. It’s not like I wanted to invite her. I only did it to be polite.

We had to start taking our Malaria tablets yesterday. I woke up this morning with one hell of a headache and then I was sick.

I can’t believe it’s my last two days at Warwick and then that’s it. I’m off work for 3 weeks. They bought me a photo frame and a bottle of Cava as a thank you. My work guys got me some vouchers and a bottle of something.

We’ve got some of Tom’s friends coming over tomorrow night to bring us a present and the cards are already starting to pile in. It’s really happening. A whole year since we booked it and suddenly its here!




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Nervous Wreck

The nerves have finally hit me. I woke up this morning with a really nervous feeling. Maybe because its my last week of work before I get married.

I feel so unprepared. I’ve been babbling like a mad woman all day.

I’ve got my hen night organised. Nothing major, just going out to a restaurant and maybe a few drinks after. I didn’t fancy the typical, rowdy, drunken night. Plus, my bridesmaid is only 15 (granted – she could pass for 18) and I couldn’t have my hen night without her there. Jack is going to be an honorary hen. Tom and I had to have our stag and hen nights on different nights; otherwise Jack couldn’t go to both. I know he’s male and shouldn’t be on a hen night anyway, but he’s my best friend and has known me longer than Tom has, so it wouldn’t feel right not having him there.

I am a little bit disappointed coz I’ve had quite a few say they couldn’t make it because they already had plans, so there isn’t actually going to be that many of us there. Which is one reason I didn’t want a hen night at all. I’m quite tempted to cancel and just not bother. So if any girlies are going to be in the Alcester area on Saturday night at round about 8pm, drop me a line, lol!

I did race for life yesterday. The weather was so hot I now have strap marks. I REALLY could’ve done without that. It’s not a good look and I’m going to look ridiculous in my wedding dress if they don’t fade.

I have bought myself a bridal magazine today so I can look at some hairstyles. I know, I’ve left that quite late haven’t I? Oh well. There’s a salon at the hotel, so I will take a picture there with me and maybe have a practice run.

I fly out a week tomorrow, so I will most likely blog again before.

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From one secondment, to another

My boss is loving me at the moment. I have just volunteered for another secondment. My third in a year. This time in Dudley. I’llbe training different stuff this time though, and I’ll b e in on it from the very beginning so I’ll be sat in on their Train The Trainer sessions.
How I’m going to cope with the accent for 3 months is beyond me. But hey, it means I don’t have to see my boss, so who am I to complain. I just hope the people are nice. The people in Warwick have mainly all been lovely. In fact, they want me to go to lunch with them next Tuesday so they can “present me with something”. It’s my last week, so I’m guessing its just a little something to say thank you for helping them out.

It’s my Race For Life on Sunday. So I am going to make one final bid for people to sponsor me. Cancer affects us all in some way. If we are fortunate to never get it ourselves, we more than likely know of someone who has. My brother beat cancer when he was 17, but it was touch and go for a while, we didn’t think he was going to make it. Last year, a friend of the family died of secondary cancer. She’d had breast cancer some years back. But it cam back with a vengeance and there was nothing they could do.

This is why it’s important to me. I want to be able to raise some money for a cause such as this. As a charity, Cancer Research UK rely overwhelmingly on the success of fundraising events such as Race For Life to continue their life-saving research into the prevention, treatment and cure of all forms of cancer.

I could be raising money to help someone you know.

Please sponsor me. It doesn’t have to be much. You guys across the pond can still sponsor me too as its all done on line.

Thanks guys

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Taking me for Granted

I’ve been at Warwick since April 10th. Since then, I’ve been training every single day. I know my job is as a trainer but at least when I’m back at base I get admin days. I need them. It gives me a break from training. I think that’s why I’ve been so tired.

I’ve been covering for a girl who has been off with “stress”. Yes, “stress” with inverted commas. This girl is 23. She has been married for a year. She hasn’t just moved house. Her husband does all the cooking and washing and she pays her mum £20 per month to do her cleaning for her. She doesn’t lift a finger. Now, I know we don’t always know what goes on behind closed doors, but what could she be stressed about?

I’m planning a wedding. I’ve just moved house. I do all the cooking and washing, and I share the cleaning with Tom.

She’s been back at work for nearly 4 weeks and she still isn’t training. She has sat in with me twice. She was supposed to train today, but bailed out on me. I was looking forward to having a break. It’s my time of the month and I’ve had a cracking headache all day. Everyone is getting pissed off at her.


I need a holiday.

It’s been a bit weird over the last few days. I’ve been trying to sort out my car insurance, which is due on 1st July. Because we get married on 26th June, I’ve had to refer to myself in my married name. So I’ve been called Mrs B and asking to put my husband on my insurance. Very weird!

We have an ant’s nest in our garden. We come home from work to find ants crawling in our hallway. Anyone got any suggestions for getting rid of them? I dread coming back from holiday and finding out our living room has been taken over by them.

I’m doing Race for Life on Sunday. I’m quite looking forward to it. Here’s hoping I don’t fall over and break my ankle That would NOT be good timing!!

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Job Offer – Part 2

I went for a chat at the dental surgery that offered me the job yesterday. I would love to be able to take it. But I cant. When they said it was 20 days annual leave, I presumed that meant 20 days plus the 8 bank holidays. What it in fact meant was 20 including the bank holidays. At the moment I get 27 days, plus 8 bank holidays, so a total of 35 days. Tom gets 25 days plus the 8 bank holidays, a total of 33 days. That means if I take this job, in effect I lose 15 days holiday. That means that Tom will have 13 days leave that he has to take on his own, without me. Not an ideal way to start married life.

Plus my hourly rate would be about 88p p/h less, but I’m working more hours, so my annual salary wouldn’t really change. So I’m losing 3 weeks holiday, working more hours, for no more money. Where is the benefit?

Another thing is that I’m taking 3 weeks annual leave this month for my wedding/honeymoon, and as our holidays start from April and go through to March. Therefore I wont have accrued that much holiday, so if I leave before I have earned it, I will have to pay some of it back. We can’t afford for me to lose that much money.

C’est la vie

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