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Beauty Therapy

Our tickets arrived at the end of last week. That means it’s all official and in 2 weeks and 6 days, we will be flying off to the Caribbean! YIPEE!!

Last weekend I bought the last of my holiday clothes and my wedding make-up. This weekend is –hopefully- my last dress fitting! I have booked my pre-holiday bikini wax and eyebrow shape, but the beautician lady was a tad pushy and now I’m going in for a slimming treatment on Friday. All of this was done over the phone. I could have been a size 6 for all she knew and yet she was talking me into a slimming treatment. Oh well, lets hope it works.

I am so tired at the moment it’s untrue. All I want to do is sleep!

Did anyone see LOST last night? I knew Shannon was going to die, but that’s not how I read it was going to happen. It all happened a bit quickly really.

I tell you what; ITV and Channel 4 should have really conferred with one another. I’m trying to watch Celebrity X Factor (GO MOYLES!!!) and Big Brother, yet they’re on at the same time. Which results in me channel hopping. Tom is not impressed!

I don’t know how I’m going to survive 2 weeks without Big Brother!!


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Job Offer

So this job interview I went for last week… They offered it me.

I should be elated right? It’s the job of my dreams, with the pay that I want. So why aren’t I excited?

It means losing 7 days annual leave per year, that ‘s working days. It also means working some evenings, weekends and bank holidays. What to do…

Haven’t got the energy to think about it right now. I’ve been so tired this week. Tired and slightly nauseous. This week has pretty much been a blur. Can’t believe it’s Thursday already.

Mum and Dad got their tickets this morning. Why haven’t I got mine?

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Guest Poster Wanted – I Think

I might have mentioned that I’m going off to get married soon? I fly out 4 weeks today in fact.

I was wondering, do you think I should organise some guest posters to keep my blog ticking over? Or will you faithful readers return when I come back? If you think I should organise some guest posters, does anyone want to volunteer for the job?

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Wedding Bells and Baby Blues

Friday went without a hitch. The bride looked beautiful. The bridesmaids and pageboy walked down the aisle perfectly. The groom was on top form. But most importantly, the rain held off until after the photos.

We arrived at where the ceremony was taking place. My mum greeted my brother and started to well up with tears. I on the other hand was fine. Or at least I was until the bride started to walk down the aisle. I started to choke up, but I managed to hold it together. Until the vows. When my brother started reciting his vows, I started crying. It came as such a shock to me because I really didn’t expect to. I had to ask my mum for a tissue!!

The sun even came out a little bit for the photos. The dinner was gorgeous. The speeches were heartfelt. So much so, that yes, in my brothers speech, I blubbed! Again, I didn’t expect to. I think its just because our wedding is so close, it got me all emotional. This could be good or bad. It might mean that it’s all out of my system and come our wedding day I’ll be fine. Or, it might mean that come our wedding day, I’ll be even more of a blubbering wreck!!

The bride and groom have gone to St Lucia for their honeymoon. My brother kept it secret right up until the last minute. Not even the bride knew and the only reason we found out is because on Saturday night, my brother rang my dad to tell him. The bride still didn’t know at that point!

I saw my sister on Saturday. She actually pulled her finger out and came to visit my mum with her two sons and grandson. So I met my great nephew for the first time. He is 6 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous.

I’m broody at the best of times anyway, but now I’m so broody I have this aching feeling inside of me that I just want to have a baby. I even had a dream last night that I was pregnant and in labour. Today, I’m training a bunch of midwives. You have no idea what this is doing to me.

I’ll be ok in a few days time. The logical part of me tells me that I’ve got plenty of time and it’d be much better if we waited a few years, but the maternal part of me can’t wait that long. Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice. Tom and I have agreed to wait, so wait I must.

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I Should Have Known…

After all that worrying, my sister didn’t turn up on Wednesday night anyway. Dad had spent the afternoon trying to call her, but she wasn’t answering, so he left messages, which weren’t returned. So he turned up there, and she was in. She said she wasn’t going to come because she didn’t want everybody staring at her. As if the world revolves around her anyway. This week is about my brother and his wedding. No one else. Instead, she reckons she’s going to come on Saturday and bring her grandson with her. So at long last my mum gets to meet her 2 month old great grandson. About time. Lets see shall we?!

The Italians are over at the moment. They consist of my uncle (my dads brother) and my cousin (my mum’s nephew). It is VERY loud at my mum and dads house at the moment. Trying to get someone’s attention is pointless. The wedding is tomorrow at 12.30. The weather isn’t looking promising. Forecast says showers and wind. It was lovely and sunny today for a while. I went to get my hair done. It was looking all lovely. Then as soon as I walked out, the heavens opened and I was about 10 minutes away from my car. I was wearing a white top, which was see through by the time I got to my car and my lovely hair wasn’t so lovely anymore. I was not a happy bunny.

I had a job interview today. Don’t want to say too much about it just yet, but I think it went well. They want to see me again next week anyway.

Right, I need to go. I have a wedding tomorrow to prepare for. Fingers crossed for the weather.

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Rain Rain Go Away

It’s raining. It’s Monday. My brothers wedding is on Friday. What are the chances of the rain stopping before then and us having some decent weather?

It’s 6 weeks today until I get married. Th lady in the shop DID pin my dress the other day. So she reckons it’ll be back within 2 weeks and then I should go in and try it on again to make sure it fits properly. That means I absolutely must not lose or put on any weight in the next 6 weeks. She also showed me how I should pack my dress and what to do with it when we get over there. She was very helpful. All I have to do now is figure out what to do with my hair.

I’m in a quandry as to what to do. Obviously, we’re going to have photo’s of our wedding day. You guys have shared the excitement and seen it happen. However, this blog is supposed to be anonymous, yet I want to share my photo’s with you. Hmmm, what to do?

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Last night Tom and I went to Touchwood Shopping Centre in Solihull. I might have mentioned we’re getting married next month, so we went to John Lewis to complete our wedding list. We’re not expecting many presents as we’re only having a small wedding, but we wanted a list for the people who wanted to get us something but didn’t know what to get. We had great fun. They give you a little barcode scanner and you go round the store scanning the things you want.

Anyway, I’m digressing.

We also went and got our sun lotion for when we go away. It WILL be sunny. Or at least it bloody better be!

This time in 5 weeks, we will have been there for 3 days already!

While writing this post, I’ve just had a phone call from the shop I’m getting my wedding dress from. I was supposed to be having a dress fitting tomorrow. My dress used to fit perfectly, I’m sure of it, but last time I tried it on, we decided it was too big round the bust, how I don’t know as I’m very well endowed in that area.

Anyway…digressing again.

My fitting has been cancelled, as the dressmaker can’t it. My bridesmaid is still going in for hers, as her alteration is a simple one, so the lady in the shop is going to pin it. However, she doesn’t feel comfortable doing mine. So it’s been put back until Thursday. Which gives them just over 4 weeks to adjust it, get me to try it on again, make more adjustments if necessary and then steam it to get the creases out. That’s not a lot of time.

I have also just found out that on Wednesday night, my sister will be at my mum and dads to see my cousin and my uncle. I haven’t seen my sister in nearly 3 years. She isn’t a pleasant person. She never calls my parents. Ever. She didn’t even send them a card for their 40th anniversary. Tom has never met her, and I was hoping he would never have to. She ALWAYS causes a scene. She caused a scene at my mum and dads 30th anniversary party. She refuses to come to my brothers wedding. She has a son who got his girlfriend pregnant. That means my parents were about to become great grandparents, and she didn’t even bother to tell them until my parents rang her for something. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Mum wants me to ignore all of that and just play happy families. Well I can’t. I don’t like the woman. I don’t hate her, I’m indifferent to her. She means nothing to me. I could walk past her in the street and quite happily ignore her.

I think I might make my excuses and not be there Wednesday night. If she was that bothered about seeing the family, she should have accepted the invite to my brothers wedding.

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