Losing my Religion

This is why I don’t like religion.

What kind of religion would tell you that your belief is more important than your family. In fact, isn’t it a bit like committing suicide? Leaving your new born twins to be brought up by your husband, the guy who adored you, and you choose your faith over being a mother?

It just makes me mad, that a religion has so much of a hold over some people. I’m all for having a faith, just as long as it doesn’t split families up.

I Don’t Get it

I know I got married relatively young, I was 25 (well 3 days away from it anyway), so maybe I don’t have the right to air my views on this. But why do people get married so young? Why?

I know of people that are 19 or 20 and planning their weddings. If I look back to myself when I was that age and compare it to me now, I’ve changed an awful lot, and the guy I was with then, well, I certainly couldn’t see myself being married to him now.

Are you capable of knowing what love really is when you’re that young and haven’t experienced anything? You haven’t gotten to know any other guys, you haven’t seen the world, you haven’t even got a full time job. How then can you give everything you’ve got into being married?

Specifically, these people I’m talking about are in a religion. A religion that discourages long relationships and encourages young marriage as sex before marriage is a no no. But by the same accounts, this religion also hates divorce. So you get pressured into a young marriage, but if you do realise it was a mistake, well, there’s not a fat lot you can do about it. I left that religion a while ago and actually took it upon myself to make my own decisions about my life and I have ended up getting almost everything I ever wanted. And I haven’t dropped down dead.

And although I was young(ish), I went out with more than one lad, I went on holidays with my mates, I got myself a good job and was earning a decent wage. Getting married wasn’t something I needed to do, it was something I wanted to do. To me, it was more than just about a big dress and pretty flowers. I wanted a marriage, not a wedding.

Do I make sense?


I went for my follow up appointment with the consultant today for my knee problems. We’ve decided that they’re going to operate on it.  There’s a 5 month waiting list (bloody NHS) but that’s OK. I’m just relieved that it’s finally going to get sorted.

In other news, we’re getting a Wii!! I’m so excited. It got dispatched today so fingers crossed it’ll be here for the weekend!


That’s how I feel. I feel like I’m being dragged in a lot of directions and I don’t have time for them all. If it’s not work, it’s physio. If it’s not physio, it’s the kitchen. If it’s not the kitchen it’s hoovering the dog hair. If it’s not hoovering the dog hair, it’s puppy class. If it’s not puppy class, it’s my parents. And so on. Also, as of next week, add Fat Club to the list!! When do I get time to have a life?

We’re so busy all the time that we don’t have time for us, and it’s starting to affect us. We irritate each other.

It’s like everything boils down to “when the kitchen’s done” and I bloody hope things do calm down then, because I think I’m about to collapse with exhaustion!

A Word to the Wise

Most of you probably know that before I got together with hubby, I was engaged to another guy. Shock Horror!!

I’ve not seen or spoken to him since. I have no wish to. I have no interest in what he does. He’s a part of my life that is in the past and that I don’t miss. Most people would understand that.

So imagine how I felt when a few weeks ago, a “friend” of mine saw some people that we both knew. I was fiends with both of them before I got together with my ex, but now they don’t speak to me – nothing like listening to both points of view. After she saw them, she was telling me all about my ex. About the fact he now has a son and that he’s lost his sight (he was blind in one eye anyway). That made me feel weird because I wasn’t sure how I should have felt. Yes it’s a shame, but I don’t feel sorry for him. I don’t want to contact him and send him my sympathies. If it wasn’t for her sticking her oar in, I wouldn’t have even known.

I told her at that point that I didn’t really care what he was doing with his life. Then yesterday, I got this email from her:

“Went to a party at Jane’s* mums on Sunday evening which was nice, got to meet quite a few people I’d not met before and got to see a few I hadn’t seen in a long time. Saw Joe* there too, met his wife and baby….he is gaining some sight back too apparently which is good news for him. His son is gorgeous, so cute and his wife is really pretty, just not what I was expecting at all”

Am I the only one who thinks that is totally out of order, inappropriate and insensitive? My response to her was this:

“Yeah funny, she looks exactly like her sister (she and her sister are identical twins and the other twin is married to his brother – weird). To be honest, I’m not really interested in anything to do with him. He’s a part of my life that’s in the past and that I don’t miss. I don’t want to know what he’s doing and I don’t want him and his family to know what I’m doing coz it’s none of their business. So as long as he and they weren’t asking, all is well with the world.”

Her reply:

“She doesn’t now; her sister has filled out a bit so they do look a little different. No, they didn’t mention you, I don’t suppose they would make the connection anyway, Joe* possibly would but he didn’t seem to register it. “

So even after I’ve told her I don’t care, she tells me that the twins don’t look like each other anyway. I just told her again that I didn’t care and she dropped it.

What she seems to forget is that if she is talking about people behind their backs, they are most likely talking about her behind hers. If I ever find out she has been talking about me, and stuff about what I’m doing, where I’m doing it, and who I’m doing it with gets out to my ex, well that’s it, I’ll never have anything to do with her again.

She wants to be careful, otherwise the truth about what really happened to the baby she “miscarried” might find its way out.


*Names have been changed to protect the identities of those that don’t really deserve it


Oh my god!

This Saturday saw me jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet! I was strapped to someone else, but wow, it was just amazing, there are no words to describe it! I am SO gonna do it again!

I managed to raise nearly £1000 for charity which I am really proud of.

If you want to watch the edited version, you can do here

It wasn’t working last time I checked, but I’m hoping they’ll fix it.

I apologize for my language at the end!!

I’m Back


I haven’t been on holiday all this time. I just found myself in a blogging rut. I could moan about my kitchen, but you’d be bored of that pretty quickly. I could post pictures of Frankie, but you’d get fed up of that. I could tell you about work, but that wouldn’t be very interesting. So I didn’t really have anything to say.

So I didn’t say anything. And nobody really missed me anyway. Lol

Well, work is still good. Frankie is still gorgeous, and the kitchen still isn’t done yet. It’s getting there though. Painting is mostly finished and units are in the process of being built.

I’m on a course with work this week, so haven’t been home since Sunday. The internet has been my friend as I have brought my laptop with me and have connected to the wireless connection here. I go home tomorrow though! Yay! The course has not been the most interesting thing made worse by the trainer we have. He is the worlds most boring man who is rubbish at what he does. If he doesn’t know the answer to something, he wont go and find out, he’ll just say he doesn’t know. Its obvious he’s in a hurry because he speeds things up so much and he wont wait if someone is struggling and when we’ve got exercises to do, instead of walking round making sure everyone is alright, he’ll play on MSN messenger and write on forums and stuff. Now maybe I’m just more critical because I’m a trainer, but he just sucks!

And he doesn’t like blogs. Apparently the only people who blog are people who are so big headed they reckon people are actually interested about their lives. Hmmm

I’ve also discovered Facebook and it’s just brilliant! I’ve caught up with so many old friends on there, and this Saturday I’m actually meeting up with my best friend from school. I’m so excited!!

On Holiday

Back around the end of June.

I Must be MAD!!!

I’ve signed up to do a sponsored sky dive for Tommy’s, the baby charity. It takes place on August 25th. I have never been so scared, nervous and excited in all my life.

I’m aiming to raise £1000 and I’m halfway there with one single sponsor thanks to the company that hubby works for!

I’ve tried to raise sponsor money from my blog before and it hasn’t worked, so I’m not going to post the link, if people want to sponsor me, they’ll let me know.

Wish me luck everyone!!

Quote of the Evening

Me – “How much have you had to drink?”

Him – “Two mugs of wine and half a bottle of beer!”

True story. Happened just now.